Monday, November 28, 2016


Hello friends and family! I hope y'all had a good Thanksgiving, eating food, seeing family, eating food, remembering what you're grateful for, eating more food...anyway, sorry, we ate a lot of food down here, like, A LOT OF FOOD. It was awesome. We also had a good week teaching people, we went out to lunch with an investigator to a Cajun restaurant, and we had a little lesson in the middle of jazz music and while eating gumbo, it was neat! He's a great guy, he's doing pretty much all he can to study the gospel, he even said it was like he was making his own college course on it, he's taking it pretty seriously, which is good! 
Elder Harmon and I also did some fasting this week to try and know what the will of the lord was for our area, and we've seen some blessings come from it. We've been able to get revelation for our investigators, and also on the things we need to do in our companionship to keep the spirit strong, if any of you feel like you need to understand the will of the Lord, fast to know it, and pray about it as well, then wrote down those things he tells you, so they can be a visible goal to remind you of the things you need to do, it makes a difference!
Ok, I'll end with how Thanksgiving went for us: 
We had two diner appointments, the first one started at 3:00 and it was with some members named the Killians, who are really good at cooking food! They smoked a turkey for us, and made some great desert too, it all tasted good, and their kids were a blast to be with too. They're a funny bunch. Our second appointment was with the Tuhalangingi family, their Tongan, so that means there was TONS OF FOOD TO EAT. Like, just so much food, and it was all good. Most of the family all the kids were born here in the states, but their dad was from Tonga, their mom was from California, and they all reminded me of my trainer Moeakiola. I love Tongans, they know how to have a good time!  The funniest part of diner with them was when they asked me to do the Hakka for them! I was surprised when I was actually the only one that knew how to do it! But they all loved it, and we had a good laugh :) 
I hope y'all have a great week, remember to be grateful for all the blessings we get in our lives, and remember who they come from! I sure do love y'all, but I love the Lord a whole lot more, keep him the center of your life and you'll never go wrong, 
Elder Murdock 
True to the Faith 🇺🇸

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