Saturday, February 18, 2017

New Comp-Lake Charles

Hey everyone! Here's my email this week, hope y'all enjoy it!
So, last weeek was transfers and I had to say good bye to Elder Crim
after only six wonderful weeks with him, we had a lot of fun together
and worked hard to see success, I was happy to serve with him and I'll
definitely miss him!

But, on the bright side, I got a brand new shiny comp named Elder
Kent! I felt kinda bad though, because on Sunday I got a pretty bad
head cold at Stake conference and I wasn't able to shake it until
Tuesday night, so his first impression of me was pretty sad, I could
hardly think straight! He's from Logan Utah, but has also lived for a
long while in Iowa. He's a great guy, I'm excited to be serving with
him, he's a hard worker and already loves it out here in Louisiana
(but who wouldn't? This is the best place ever!)

In other news, the Lake Charles Sister's up and moved out last week,
so we're now the only missionaries in the ward! Which means we get to
take over all the sister's old investigators and their old area, so we
now have a whole lot more country to go and see! I'm excited for that,
and for all the new wonderful people we get to work with.

Ok, so, one strange thing that happened this week and one cool thing:
On Thursday we were walking around a ghetto apartment complex looking
for new investigators, like you do, and right when we got out of our
car, we looked over and saw this big black guy driving around on the
side walk in one of those little pink electric Barbie cars, like a
real straight up OG. We couldn't believe what we were seeing for a
little bit, until we took a closer look and saw a little girl sitting
in the "passenger seat", still, it was a pretty strange sight to see!

Another cool thing that happened, on Tuesday we were walking around
 where we found Joyce, again, looking for more new
investigators. We had found about four people who seemed pretty
interested before we got to the end of the street, and I couldn't see
anybody else outside walking around, and I had been feeling pretty
sick so I turned around to go back to the car when he asked me if I
wanted to keep going on to the next street. I thought, sure, why not?
So we kept going and right when we were turning the corner on the
street, this young black lady comes walking right up to us and asks us
"whatchyall doing?" So we tell her that we're missionaries, and she
got all excited and asked if we had any bibles she could have, and of
course we did! We gave her a bible and a Book of Mormon and told her a
little about it. While we were talking to her I got pretty dizzy (we
were also fasting that day along with the rest of the zone to see
miracles happen this transfer) so while we were teaching I was just
like, can we sit down on the curb? So we taught her the restoration
while sitting on the curb next to a ghetto playground in the projects,
pretty neat experience! Her names Porsha, she's 20, is married and has
two little chiruns and wants to learn more! I'm so glad my comp was
listening to the Spirit while I was feeling so crummy.

Well, I sure do love y'all, but I love the Lord even more! I'm out
here working hard to follow His will, I hope y'all are doing the same
wherever you may be! This weeks ponderize scripture is Alma 42:30-31,
read it, live it, love it!
Elder Murdock
True to the Faith

Elder Murdock and Elder Kent

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