Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Miracles, Lake Charles

Hey y'all! I sure hope everyone's been doing well, I've been pretty good out here. 
This week was nice, On Sunday we saw a little miracle, it was right before church, and we went to try an investigator named Porsha who we hadn't seen in over a week, we were wondering if she still wanted a ride to church, so we went over to her house. Right when we pulled up she opened her door and was so happy to see us, she explained that she had just been praying to know what she needed to do in her life, then she looked up out her window and there we were getting out of our car! I really love when that happens. 
We had a pretty cool lesson yesterday with an older black lady named Effie and her young friend, Mason, he's white and 11. Effie was a bible referral, and when we knocked on her door, Mason answered, and came out and walked us over to the garage, he also explained that Effie was something like his great god-grandmother. Mason's parents are going through a divorce right now, so he spends a lot of time with Effie, doing lots of study and bible reading, those two are pals, and Mason is probably the brightest kid you'll ever meet, he plays just about all the instruments in band, and the baptist church he's been going to has him play piano for them. He evens knows that the King James Version is the way to go and completely rejects all other bibles. Right when we sat down in their garage, which is actually a really cool study room, they asked us what we got for them, so we gave them the Bible they ordered, and I kinda slyly set a Book of Mormon on the table too, then we said a prayer and started talking to them about the basics, about how we believe in God as our eternal Heavenly Father, etc., when Mason just said, "that's great, I know that, I want y'all to tell me about this here," and he puts his hand on the Book of Mormon, he couldn't take his eyes off it from the time I put it on the table. So we start out in the Bible in John 10 where it talks about his other lost sheep, then just go from there, reading scriptures from the Bible all about the Book of Mormon, the apostasy, the restoration, and this kid is just following all of it so well! He understands the apostasy better than just about anyone else we teach, he really liked Joseph Smith's story about his search for truth, and the story of where the Book of Mormon came from, he loved that! It all made sense to him that it was the native American's ancestors in the BOM, and the Israelites in the Bible, and that God sent prophets to both! It was a really fun lesson, teaching these two very attentive friends, on an old lady and the other a young boy, after the lesson, elder Kent and I just couldn't get over how awesome it was, we've got another lesson with them tomorrow, at the end of the one yesterday, I asked Mason what it would mean to him if he came to know this was true, and he just said simply, " it would mean that this was Jesus's church, and that I should join it, and so should everyone else!" Ah, I'm so excited for tomorrow, this kid is awesome! 
The rest of the week was good, I've been getting to the end of the Book of Mormon in my studies, and I've just read through Moroni 7 again, probably my favorite chapter of scripture, and so this weeks ponderize scripture is Moroni 7:13, read it live it love it! 
I sure do love y'all, but the Lord is who I love the most! I'm still happy to be out here serving him, I hope y'all have a great week wherever you are, 
Elder Murdock,
True to the Faith
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